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Divine Mercies Inc. is a New York Domestic Not-for-Profit Corporation Founded for the Charitable Purpose of Fostering Charity and Fraternity via programs for the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, as well as Taking Decent Care of the Clergy, Men and Women Religious,and supporting our vocation directors nationwide


To foster fraternity and community development by encouraging Christian Vocational Discernment, especially in at-risk-youth, through deeply thorough, honest, yet reverent testimony


The Roman Catholic Priests and Religious Brothers and Sisters of today are overburdened and fewer and fewer men and women are joining the ranks. We want to help our Vocational Directors by preserving the legacy of all the Divine Mercies and life experience done by our Religious, through audiovisual interviews, before they are lost to the world and can no longer inspire the one who has heard the call, whom fear and doubt have prevented from answering Gods Call.


Our Community is the Roman Catholic Community, and all men and women of Good Conscience who would like to learn more about what our faith is about, and how they can become part of our faith, or help aid us in our mission

I am the Way, the Truth,
      and the Light

Soon, we will be putting up very thorough detailed life stories of Priests, Brothers, and "Nuns", as well as those lives they have positively impacted. Please look to us again in the near future as we build our organization and online presence. 

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